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nEcoTox GmbH

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About us

Our experience in the investigation of nanomaterials makes us experts for research projects and the chemical industry. We investigate nanomaterials for their registration as well as for use in the optimization of technologies. With constantly growing knowledge, the most up-to-date methods and the most modern laboratory equipment, we determine the physicochemical properties (e.g. particle size distribution) of nanomaterials and their environmental fate (e.g. dissolution rate, dispersion stability).We conduct ecotoxicological studies specifically for nanomaterials, i.e. accompanied by the appropriate analytics and with adapted study design.

Nanoparticle tracking for particle size distribution of dispersions

Dissolution rate testing according to OECD GD 29 and 318 or EFSA Guidance

Highly scientificly educated study directors

We work for your registration

We have a GLP certificate


nEcoTox GmbH
An der Neumuehle 2
76855 Annweiler

Phone:  +49 6346 9661490

Contact person:

Dr. Ricki Rosenfeldt
Phone: +49 6346 9661492

Products & Services

Guideline Description
OECD TG 125 Particle size distribution (TEM/SEM)
OECD GD 29+318 Dissolution rate
OECD TG 318 Dispersion stability

OECD TG 124 Specific surface area (BET)
OECD TG 109 Density of liquids and solids
DIN EN 17199-3 Dustiness (Continous drop)

OECD TG 201 72-h Growth inhibition test with algae
OECD TG 202 48-h Acute immobilization test with Daphnia
OECD TG 211 21-d Chronic reproduction test with Daphnia
OECD TG 209 Activated sludge, respiration Inhibition Test

OECD TG 301 Ready biodegradability

UVCB Analytics
Biosolubility in artifical lung fluid

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